Thursday, August 30, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I've wanted a blog for a while, but I've procrastinated on starting one for a few years.
2. I'm a big procrastinator.
3. I'm proud to say that I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas (AKA Cowtown!).
4. I moved to Austin when I was 19 (AKA The Live Music Capital of the World!).
5. Austin is probably my favorite city.
6. When I gradutated from Texas State I decided to pack up my car, and drive to California.
7. California is working out pretty well for me, I love livin out west. Californian's think that 'out west' is weird term.
8. I have a great job, that I love, using my degree. (Who'd of thought?)
9. I live and work in San Clemente, California.
10. San Clemente is rivaling Austin as my favorite city.
11. My house is right by the beach!
12. I really like the beach, and try to go there everyday that I can.
13. I try not to be superstitious, but I still get an eerie feeling about the number 13.
14. I was just in a traithlon (Yay), but had a flat tire (Boo) so I want to do more of them.
15. I want to run in a marathon.
16. I've been in 21 states and 1 province.
17. I've never been to Europe, but I want to go to Greece, France, Switzerland, England, and Ireland among others. And Mexico, I know that's not in Europe but I want to go there.
18. I really enjoy building things with my hands, and wood working.
19. I can type 60 wpm with 95% accuracy.
20. I love white-water rafting.
21. Even though I lived in Texas my whole life, I am surpisingly accent-less, except when sleepy, I'm told.
22. I love my family, and I'm thankful to have grown up in a good home.
23. I never liked to eat my mom's cooking growing up.
24. My mom is great cook.
25. Now I miss my mom's cooking.
26. I miss Texas storms. Tornados are fun!
27. I really like strong stormy weather, and going for walks in the rain.
28. One of my guilty pleasures is cheesy disaster movies. The Towering Inferno, 10.5 Apocolypse, and The Day After Tomorrow are pure gold.
29. Same with reality TV, but lately its become a little old. Survivor kind of lost its edge somewhere between Season 14 and 32.
30. I've been sleeping on a glorified air mattress for almost a year. (See #2)
31. My favorite animal is the white tiger. With all other species albinos just look odd, but the tiger rocks it.
32. I can play the guitar.
33. But I can't memorize songs, kind of a problem.
34. I love sunsets and take pictures of them all the time.
35. My favorite TV shows right now are Lost, 24, and Prison Break.
36. Since I moved to California, I find I watch ALOT less TV. (See 11, 59, & 62)
37. I have an uncanny hidden talent for taking pictures of myself.
38. I could never have pictured the life I have now a year ago.
39. I am a Christian. God is my friend and Jesus is my savior.
40. I think that some dog treats smell good. (I should have trusted that it was just a good smell.)
41. I'm not as wide as my profile picture makes me look.
42. Some of my favorite movies include The Holy Grail, The Jerk, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Gladiator.
43. My mom says that I said, "When I grow up I want to be President of the US, or an Archeologist, or the guy who sells roses on the street corner."
44. My favorite food is steak, on the rare side.
45. I have a goal to someday eat the Free 72oz. Steak, at the Big Texan in Amarillo.
46. I still have a boyish desire to climb trees for no good reason. Its just fun.
47. I recently decided that rock climbing is a good idea for the same reason.
48. I am the proud owner of an ocean kayak. (Here's a pic of it!)
49. I think it would be fun to go on a trek through the amazon rain forest.
50. My car's name is Bonnie. (Yes as in Bonnie & Clyde)
51. My kayak doesn't have a name, but she needs one. Any ideas?
52. I've been a Private Investigator.
53. I am proud to say that George W. Bush is our president.
54. My favorite subjects in school were science and history.
55. I have a good sense of direction, and usually have a good bering on where I am.
56. Having said that, I once was lost in the woods alone. (Probably the most scared I've ever been)
57. My comfort food is Cheeze-its in buttermilk. Mmmmm......... salty cereal.......... you should try it before you knock it!
58. My middle name is Somers. But some people say its Adventure. (.....or at least I like to think so)
59. I love golfing.
60. Every Wednesday morning I go golfing before work at 5:45am.
61. I don't go hunting, but I love fishing.
62. I like to go fishing on the beach and from my kayak. (Not me pictured, but how cool would that be?!?!)
63. I think Kiwis are the best tasting fruit, but they're too expensive. They're also a nice people.
64. I am currently a Tier 2 SQL Support Technician at a CRM company called Firesocket.
65. I don't like chocolate, which apparently makes me weird.
66. I don't really like sweets in general, they kind of make my teeth hurt.
67. I hate biting into cold things, that hurts my teeth too.
68. I have wimpy teeth.
69. I do like hot things like hot salsa, sauce, and peppers.
70. Mexican is my favorite type of cuisine. I could eat it everyday.
71. I like Texas' Mexican food better than California's (There's a big difference) (see #69).
72. I love egg nog. I buy it as soon as it comes out every year.
73. I share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln. Some people say I look like him. (Reincarnation anyone? ..... I do hate slavery.)
74. My grandad used to call me Adaham.
75. I've been told I have good backpacking shoulders. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like a compliment.
76. I really like exchanging massages. Probably because of my backpacking shoulders.
77. Touch is my favorite sense.
78. I think board games are fun.
79. Monopoly and Clue are my favorites.
80. I have a habit of popping my knuckles, toes, and neck.
81. I hate shopping.
82. I have a chocolate lab that used to weight 115 lbs. that lives with my dad in Fort Worth named Sable.
83. The only other pets I had growing up were 1 goldfish and 2 frogs. They seemed like a good idea at first.
84. I like new clothes. But I don't get see them too often. (See #81)
85. I once ate 48 ounces of steak 3 rolls and some green beans in 1 sitting.
86. I love acapella music.
87. Probably because I grew up in the Church of Christ in Texas.
88. Everybody always think I'm mad, but its just my face.
89. I drink 7-11 coffee and like it. Thus, I only have 2 tastebuds.
90. I took French class so that I could be 1 of 2 guys in the class. (There was 35 people in the class :)
91. I have strangely strechy skin.
92. I was just told that you can tell if I'm really laughing hard because I hit things with my hand.
93. My garage looks like more fun than yours.
94. I have weighed within 5 lbs. of the same weight since I was a freshman in high school.
95. I'm Dr. Pepper fiend.
96. I like beer, and fancy myself an amateur connoisseur.
97. Same goes for cheese.
98. I'm a huge fan of camping (with friends, see # 56)
99. I can't speak any other languages fluently (see #90).
100. It took me 3 days to do this list.

I tag Dani, who inspired me to start a blog.


*DC* said...

You're welcome for:
#7, 21, 36, 41, 50, 75, 76, 88, 89, 92, 93.
Load up the wagons, honey! We're headed out west! :)

Ashley N said...

Yay! Facebook and now this!
How do you know #19?

My favorites were 22, 23-25, 56-58, 83.
I think I knew most all these...unlike you with mine! Except I didn't know 50, 63, 91.

Did I know we had #68 wimpy teeth in common?

And 94, I don't like you.

Emily said...

I remember you getting lost in the woods! I didn't think you'd attempt to go to the bathroom again for the rest of that trip. :)

Maggie said...

good list... you are such a doll!