Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Eats

I just got back to California from having Thanksgiving in Texas last week. Will post pictures soon. It was a great week with lots good eats. In addition to the abundance of food on Thanksgiving there was a list of restaurants that we had to hit while we were there because they aren't out west. I'm proud to say that we hit every one on the list:

Just typing this is making me hungry for them and miss the food already.


karen b said...

good to see you, adam!! glad you had a good week and safe trip back!

funny story: i taught blake morrison's class today and he told joanie that karen was his teacher, "but not our karen"

(that would be your mom!)

Ashley N said...

You do have classy tastes.

I didn't know you made it to Freebirds, Don Pablos, Taco Cabana, or Whataburger. Where was I? Glad you were able to hit all of them though! Loved having you guys here...miss you!

*DC* said...

i miss queso and tortillas. :(

mmmmmm... FOOD. :)

Emily said...

They don't have a Luby's in California?!? What kind of fake state is it out there??