Monday, February 25, 2008

Better late then never right?

Here are some pics from the past month:

My roomate is a huge Patriots fan, so this is what I found on our door when I came home from the Super Bowl. My neighboor made us a shrine to Eli.

My office got resituated and everyone was moved around. I lucked out, here is my new view from my desk.

I went over to Catalina Island for a half marathon with some friends.

Rocky, Micheal, and Michel were all stoked about running, but unfortunately an injury kept me sidelined.
It looks like I'm a drunk bum sneakin in the picture.

So, while they raced, I babysat all the stuff and saw all the great sites.

The view of Avalon from a top a mountain.

My sister, Ashley came to town to surprise my cousin Jill, and for my birthday, an amazing party that my family threw for me.

Dani and I got to kayaking with Ashley and Jill on Monday before Ashley left.

This about sums up the day, Ashley and Dani are stoked and rearin' to go, and Jill going the wrong way and wondering how we talked her into this.


Ashley N said...

Wow, that view is amazing! I love the pictures where you look like a bum and "seeing the sites." And of course I love our kayaking pictures :)

*DC* said...

YAY Kayaking!