Tuesday, December 28, 2010

600 Miles!

For several various and a sundry reasons, I've been inspired to give my blog another go. Mainly in hopes that it will help to inspire me and push me to do more in 2011. Early on in 2010 I decided to make myself a goal to travel over 1500 miles in the year under my own power, like running, biking, paddling, etc... Soon into the year I realized that this goal was a bit lofty, but what good are goals if not lofty right? Unmotivating, that's what. So I adjusted my goal to a more reasonable 600 miles (50 miles per month). And so I've been shooting for that ever since. Today I passed my goal. I went for a 9 mile run this morning before work and halfway through I stopped to take this picture at the 600 mile mark (just so happened to be my favorite view of San Clemente).

One of the various things I want to start posting on the blog is my runs. I want to do this to help keep me honest, help push myself harder, and perhaps inspire others. Plus I hope to do some cool runs/rides, and thought people might be interested in those trails, etc...

Here is the GPS Track of my run.
I realize those may be hard to see. I will work on improving that in future posts... The blue line on the map was my route this morning. And the Red line is the elevation profile, overlayed with the purple speed profile.