Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Update

"Here's the fake news!" ...err ...update.
**Special 4 Day Edition!**

Brent invited me to play Glowball Golf, but before that we met up at Frudruckers for dinner with Dani, Kim, Jill, and my friend Ryan. When Brent suggested Frudruckers he said "Random, I know." And I was like, random? Not at all! I was excited, come to find out, NONE of our group had eaten there before except for Brent. It is totally my kind of place, the have all different sizes of burgers up to the 1 pounder! Ready for complete customization to your liking. And to top it off they have vats of hot melted cheese ready for dipping.... for FREE!

Anyway, back to Glowball, it was a blast, they turn off all the lights and you're out playing golf with a glowing ball on a completely dark course. It was the most unique golfing experience I've ever had. The crowd was not your average golf crowd, it was definetely an 'after hours' type crowd. It was a 72 player 9-hole shotgun start tournament. We ended up playing 11 holes, and played on one green for about 15 minutes having some sand shot contests. SO much fun, we'll definetely be back next time!


We went to the Orange Street Fair on Saturday night. It was my third time attending the street fair, I can't believe I've lived here long enough to have attended an annual event 3 times. It was good food and fun as always. I had a veal brat on Switzeland Street, a Carlsberg beer in Denmark, a Souvlaki Beef Gyro on Greek Street, and Ableskivers for dessert in Norway.


I came home from the street fair to a surprise, my roommate had moved out 15 days earlier than I expected. When I came home all of his stuff was gone, and he was too, with out a trace, with out a note, and with the money that he owed me. Oh well... as Dani said, its the end of the era of roommates! So we spent Sunday cleaning the beach house from top to bottom, now that it will be just me staying there untill Dani moves in after the wedding. We rewarded our cleaning efforts with a delicious meal at our new favorite hole in the wall, Taco Mesa, with Phil and Kirsten, before we hit up night Church at Mariners.


Dani and I made the most of having a whole extra day to spend together, and decided to go for a long paddle on the kayaks. We finally did what we've been talking about doing for months. We kayaked from Dana Point Harbor to Calafia Beach, where I live. About 7.5 miles on the water, and took about 2.5 hours, it was a great paddle, we felt such a sense of accomplishment afterward. It was definetely an exercize in strength building, in all senses of the word, mentally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.


dc said...

You forgot to mention, that after we paddled almost 8 miles, we had to walk another mile up the sand with 80-lb kayaks! THAT was a challenge. :)
(OK, so maybe it wasn't a mile, but it sure felt like it.)
(And I would totally do it again!)

dc said...

Where's the next weekend update?! :)

Ashley N said...

I'm with Dani.

Liz Thomson said...

(I haven't figured out how to comment on people's comments on my blogs...so I'm doing it here.)

You have a good point, Adam. And unfortunately, I'm too lazy to really get educated about all these issues. Which is why I usually keep my big mouth shut.

Ashley N said...

And you had been doing so good :(