Sunday, February 15, 2009


This weekend while most of you were celebrating Valentine's day we had a wedding to attend and it was quite a doosy... 

My boss, Neha Patel, got married on Saturday to Astik Patel (no relation) on Saturday.  It was a traditional Indian wedding and we felt lucky to get to be a part and witness this grand event.  
  There are too many great pictures to only show a few so here's a slideshow:
It was so much fun to experience the Indian culture and people that I had heard so much about from Neha.  They are such a fun loving relaxed people that the entire day was just fun.  At the end of the reception I realized that I must have some Indian roots, because I think that is where I got some of my dance moves.  Dani got some video that I will try and post later.  It really was an  amazing experience that I will not soon forget.

Then on Sunday, Dani and I decided to go for a hike so we went out to the Ortega Highway, bought ourselves an Adventure Pass (for access to the local National Forests) picked up a map and took off down a one lane road toward a trail that sounded intriguing; 15 miles and too many bumps for Dani to not be sick later... and we were at the Teneja Falls Trailhead.  It was definetely worth the curvy drive, as it has been raining in the area last week, so we got to see a rare SoCal waterfall!  And this was a big one, 5 tiers, pools at each level, and tons of rocks to scramble around on.

We rounded out the weekend going to the Sunday Night Service at Mariner's and Kenton's message delivered the goods as always, as we are learning to be wiser through Proverbs. We then came home and I put Dani to shame at Chess once again, and all is right with the world.


hootenannie said...

You and Dani are my favorite couple-that-I've-never-met. :)

dc said...

*sigh* I have been owned in the Chess-playing department. I admit it.

BUT I demand a rematch!

Ashley N said...

Looks like such a fun wedding!