Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend Update


This weekend Dani and I went camping with a whole grip of friends (i've been trying to work that word into my vocab more often.) We went about 15 miles from our house to this 8,000 acre wilderness park called Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park. It was about as cush a camping experience as you can expect, short of cabins, but as is required for camping a group of this size. (See description of size earlier.) It was lots of fun though and b/c it was so close we got to spend a ton of time there, and we got great warm weather!

The wife and I on our "Throne".

Dani loved the equestrian facilities they offered at these campgrounds.

A new attempt at a differnt kind of One Armed Photo.

We came across a good size rattler on a hike.

Jocky by the historic "Ole Corral Windmill" built circa 1940.

We also came across a good sized Horned Frog!

Luckily I was wearing my TCU purple so we were cool.

Sunday morning, Rocky, Scott, Nate, and I charged up Sitton Peak at first light. Its a 3200' peak, but it allegedly has some of the greatest views in the Santa Ana Mountain range. It didn't disapoint.

That mountain in the distant left is San Grogonio, I believe.

The highest peak seen here is Saddleback Mountain (the tallest peak in the OC).

That's Catalina Island in the distance.
It was a cool hike and a cool trip, and nice to see that there is actually a ton of green space surrounding the sprawling metropolis that is the OC. It helps to not feel quite so fenced in.


dc said...


I love holding court on the Throne with you. :)

Karen said...

Cool, a Horned Frog. . .Awesome!
You've got me stumped on the definition of grip used in that sentence though. I even looked it up in the dictionary and couldn't find an alternate meaning.

Ashley N said...

Way to show your Horned Frog pride! I'm with mom though...grip?

Anonymous said...

To help in detangling Adam's *street-talk*ahem* vocab: