Sunday, April 12, 2009



Friday -

Dani and I were invited to eat Indian food with Neha and Astik. Ever since we got a taste of authentic Indain food at Neha's wedding, she had been promising to take us to their favorite Indian food restaurant in all of LA/OC. So we're thinking that its going to be some amazing authentic atmosphere/experience, and I asked Neha what it was called, thinking it would be something like "Bombay Palace" or "The Taj", but no, its called "The India Restaurant". So the atmosphere wasn't exactly all that amazing, although it was different. But the food held up to the promises, it was really good! The garlic naan was great, and I had some spicy ground lamb something, and it was delicious. As we went home we realized we stunk like we'd be slaving over some sizzlin curry all day, and the next day my car still smelled like it! But it was worth it, and we're already talking about the next time...

Saturday -

We decided that we had a lot to take care of around the house this weekend in order to feel comfotable going backpacking last weekend and camping next weekend. So saturday morning, we set to work on the house, Dani working on the kitchen and usual wifely domestic things, and I working on equally husbandly domestic things, in the garage. I got a hankerin to organize and organize I did. I was a mounting, hanging, cargo stowing fool.

Saturday night we invited friends to go to the gun range and then back to our place for dinner. The gun range was alot of fun b/c we had several girls who were either completely inexperienced with shooting or had not shot in a very long time. There were definetlely some interesting (near death) experiences, but everyone made it out alive. Then it was back to the beachhouse for grillin up some ground dead meat on the balcony whatching the sunset into the ocean. The girls sat around talking about whatever it is that girls talk about when the guys aren't around and the guys sat on the balcony drank some port wine and had some cigars. All in all, a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday -

Dani and I got up pre-crack o' dawn and made our way over to Steed Memorial Park in San Clemente for the sunrise Easter service that 8 south OC churches got together to put on. Dani's been to sunrise services before and enjoyed them, but I've never been to a one. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a very cool service overlooking the sun rising over the Ortega mountain range. It definetely had tradition potential.

After that we enjoyed the morning at the house, before heading over to my cousin's in-laws house for Easter dinner/lunch/big meal in a wierd afternoon hour. Randomly, one of my coworkers and his wife's family was there when I arrived, and we were both like, "What are you doing here?" Turns out his wife's family is old friends with the Strombacks, and have been coming to their Easter celebrations since she was little. I'm always amazed at the small world we live in. It was good times and good competitions to be had, as always at the Stromback's. 

We had some a rousing bocce ball tournament, a chipping comeption, and even some ladderball. 

It was a great day celebrating with great family and friends!


dc said...

What a great weekend. And good job (again) on organizing the garage, Husband! :)

Ashley N said...

It looks like ya'll might need a gear room soon like Denver and Chelsea have.

Adam said...

One can only hope...

Karen said...

I think you snuck this post in on me. . . I swear it wasn't there last week!! You guys have been busy, but it all looks like so much fun!