Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend Update

So, its been over a year since my last post. I suppose life just got busy and this got pushed aside, but it's back after popular demand. At least I'm going to attempt to bring it back!

I realize it's Wednesday, but it was a long weekend. So here's the update.

We went out on our 3rd whale watching attempt. We left for an evening cruise with Rocky and Jennifer out of Dana Point in hopes of seeing some Blue Whales, since it is the season for them, but alas, no blues, just a measly 40 foot Humpback!
Just caught the tail end!

Dani had to work in the morning so I grabbed Mike and Nate and we hiked Mt. San Antonio, better known as Mt Baldy. Its the 3rd highest mountain in SoCal, and one I've wanted to hike for a while now. I scored a coveted permit to hike Mt. Whitney this summer, so I figure we better get some training hikes in. It was an awesome hike with some amazing views, but it was a windy day and we had to contend with 40 mph winds on the ridge line to the summit which was not fun at all.
San Antonio Falls
The Devil's Backbone
The Devil's Backbone with the Mojave Desert in the background.
The final route to the summit.
One view from the summit with Saddleback (highest peak in OC) in the distance.
Feeling Victorious!
We were a bit disheartened to see this little guy make it up there no problem.
This was partly to show the power of the wind, and partly to see how long I could get Mike to take off his jacket. Then we rested in our wind shelter before heading down.
Great Hike!
11 miles / 4,000+ ft elevation gain

We decided that we would finally hunker down and do some spiffying up of the beach house since we don't have any plans to leave it in the foreseeable future. So we picked one room and attacked it! We chose to hit the office, and went at like those design on a dime shows you see on TV. A full day of work and an amazing $40 later, we had a much more inviting peaceful office to work in. I accidentally deleted the before pics somehow, but here's some after shots.

I finally got my first taste of the Zakaryan Wiffle Ball Day in Ladera Ranch. Had been invited the last few years, but each year we were busy backpacking in Yosemite or getting engaged in Sequoia to make it. I must say we have been missing out. It was quite fantastic, and way more official than I thought wiffle ball could ever be. And after we finished all 20 innings we had good times hanging out with everyone at the Z's abode.

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Ashley N said...

Yay! Glad you're back to make all of us realize how mundane our lives are.