Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update


Ran the Mud Run at Camp Pendleton with Rocky, Mike, and Chris. It's a blast of a 10k with lots of obstacles like walls and mud pits and stuff. Finished it in 1:09, and we placed 12th out of 78 all male teams, and 16th out of all 428 civilian teams (male, female, and mixed). Not bad! I'm doing it again with work in 2 weeks, which people at work think I'm "insane" to do it twice, "within 2 weeks!"

For the afternoon, we grilled some dogs and invited some peeps to hang at our place and since there was an intense marine layer over the beaches this weekend, we decided to play some of our favorite game, Monopoly Deal.

Dani had purchased Groupon for a gift cert to Peppino's Italian restaurant so we went and had a nice romantic dinner on the patio overlooking Lake Mission Viejo. Very nice.


We attended Mariners Mission Viejo once again, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then went back to our house with big plans of beaching or kayaking, but arrived back in San Clemente to the afore mentioned marine layer, and decided that didn't sound like fun anymore, so we called up our new neighbors in Ladera Ranch, Rocky and Jennifer, and went out on a hike with them. Snagged a few GeoCaches and then hit the pool. Multiple pools actually as we tooled around Ladera Ranch's many pools searching for just the right one for us. We had swimming races in the pool and discovered that Dani and I are very evenly matched when it comes to swimming, and we think we should explore that activity more often. Then they offered us giant steaks to eat, and you all know I cannot turn that down. Thanks JOCKY!