Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking back on accomplishments in 2010 and forward to goals for 2011

2010 is in the books, it was a big year for me in lots of aspects of my life.  Lots of growth in my spiritual / church life, trying to become a better husband and growing in our (I still think its) new marriage, improving in my career, and some amazing travel experiences.  And while all those things are important to me, what this blog post is about is some athletic goals.  This has really been the first year that I have set such specific goals and actually tracked them the entire year.  It turned out to be a great motivator to stay healthy and fit in 2010. 
I completed these races this year:

I had a blast doing these as they helped to push me further and harder than before, and I look forward to participating in some more in 2011.  Thus far I'm planning on doing these:

SJT 50K - Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, CA

World Famous Mud Run - Camp Pendleton, CA
ASYMCA Mud Run - Camp Pendleton, CA

I feel like I did not do enough hiking in 2010, I have lots of hikes that I want to do around California and Oregon, etc...  Here are a few of the (substantial) hikes/trail runs that I did do.

Bertha Peak - Big Bear, CA
Mt. Baldy - Angeles National Forest
Borrego Palm Canyon - Anza-Borrego, CA
Ernie Maxwell Trail - Idyllwild, CA
Mt. Lowe - Pasadena, CA

Trail Runs:
Main Divide - Maple Springs Loop - 16 miles
Santiago Truck Trail - 12 miles
Harding Truck Trail - 14 miles

But there are SO many more that I would love to do, here's some that I hope to hit in 2011:

San Jacinto Peak
San Gorgonio Peak
Mt. Whitney
Topanga State Park
Any/all of the trails in the Cleveland National Forest in the Santa Ana Mountains
and so many more...

As I said, I was much more meticulous about tracking my progress in 2010 than ever before, and kept logs of my workouts throughout the entire year.  I must say it has been totally worth it for me.  I've been able to push myself more so that I can "stay on track", and it keeps me from slacking off.

Here are my total mileage breakdowns of 2010.

RunningBikingPaddlingOtherTOTALWeekly Average







Looking at this I realized that a big reason why I didn't hit my original goal of 1500 miles in a year (other than naivety) was that I didn't ride nearly as much as I was expecting to, partly due to injury, partly due to bike issues, largely due to excuses.  But hopefully I will be able to bump that significantly in 2011.  I am hoping to get some friends to do the "Grand Traverse" (A 60 mile ride across the Santa Ana mountains) with me this year.  Another something I noticed is only 17 miles of paddling???  Really?  We're definitely going to need to rectify that this year.  In case you're wondering, "Other" is just a catch all category for hikes or any other significant mileage that I covered that does not fall in the other categories.  However I did not count any mileage gained on machines or treadmills at the gym, this was all actual mileage that I covered with my own power.

As for goals with 2011, I'm thinking keep that part simple again.  I'll probably still track the crap out of every little stat, because I love all of that.  But my main goal is to go over 1000 miles this year.  That's averaging around 20 miles per week instead of 12.  And I'm posting it here on the internetz now so I won't try and change my goal halfway (or next week) through the year (or next week).  So here's to long runs, epic rides, awesome hikes, and adventure... can't wait!


Ashley N said...

You upset me.

Just kidding! That's awesome...I'm just jealous :)

Karen said...

Wow! I'm impressed... keep up the good work and the blogging! Location is a great motivator... I think I'd be more inclined to be more athletic if I lived in SoCal!

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