Friday, August 8, 2008

Photography Phriday

Last summer, we went out to eat with my family while my mom and sister were in town. I love oysters, and I love hot sauce. So there I was eating these oysters and select a random hot sauce of the shelf of dozens of hot sauces to choose from. I chose Dave's Insanity Sauce. Which measures 180,000 on the scoville scale (didn't know that at the time). Anyway, I just piled up a heathly dollop of insanity sauce on my oyster, and my sister had the presence of mind to take pictures.


Ashley N said...

One of the funniest moments. ever.

I can't believe how much hotter it is on the scale compared to like a jalapeno...had I eaten a jalapeno my reaction would have been similar to yours.

Karen said...

I was just telling someone about this incident yesterday. So funny!

Liz Thomson said...

Wow, I wasn't even there and I found it funny! :)