Monday, August 18, 2008


This weekend was much more relaxed than usual, since I had to work and be on call for support. But it was still a great weekend. So here's the update:


My friend Nate Deibler is getting married this weekend, so on Friday we had a bachelor party for him. No drinking, drugs, or stippers, just good fun. We started off the night by getting a delicious meal at Claim Jumper. I had the liver and onions.... mmmmmmm.... so good. I also learned about a new drink, the Rocky Brown. "Iced tea with grenadine and cherries, heavy on the grenadine" says our friend Rocky Brown when the puzzled waitress asks him what a Rocky Brown is. Later she asks, who Rocky Brown is, and he non-chalantly replies, "Oh, he played for USC."
Then we rolled over to Saddleback lanes for some bowling. We bought two lanes for an hour, so in true Nate style, he says, "let's do speed bowling. Bowl as fast as you can for the hour whichever lane has the most total points wins. But if you hit the lane guard that comes down, you loose 20 points." None of us had ever done this before, but were all for it. We didn't have any amazing scores, but it was actually alot of fun to bowl this way, everyone was on their toes so you never had to sit around waiting for someone to realize it is their turn. After bowling we headed over to the Irvine Spectrum for a game of Diminishing Bridge in the spectrum. It was a fun night, just rolling around town with a dozen or so guys was fun, and something that should happen more often.
I had to miss part two of the bachelor party (5 mile hike to a bridge that goes nowhere to bungee off of) because I had to work this weekend. I worked 52+ hours this week to try and make up for our department being short staffed. So I was a little busy with that this weekend, but it was kind of nice to get to stay at home and watch alot of olympics. I got my fill of all the little aired sports I'd been wanting to see, handball, field hockey, fencing, water polo, equestrian, etc.... instead of continuous and incessant Phelps coverage.
Brent and Kim came down to visit us at the beach for a few hours so it was fun to catch up with them and go swimming in the ocean. They always get sentimental when they come to the beach house, which Brent's dad and uncle owns, and tend to talk about their dreams and stuff. Its great, and actually very inspiring to think about my own dreams.
More of the same as Saturday, working and olympics. Dani and I still managed a couple hours down at the beach and in the ocean, we just can't stay away. Then I felt the need to go for a "quick jog" but I got into it while I was out and ended up running 5 miles. I can't wait for the next race! Dani and I got a registry started at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was getting a little carried away with zapping all the cool gadgets and gizmos and stuff, and Dani said, OK, time to go. She could tell I was registered out. So then we went to the Sunday Night Service at Mariners that was relocated to the Cafe on campus due to a wedding. It was great, I love the vibe of Church in that kind of venue, low key, acoustic type worship. Praying together for the people around you, it is very real and inviting.
So all in all, it was a much needed, very low key, relaxing weekend.


dc said...

Hello, Internet. I'd like you to be aware that Adam is a total sucker for any all gadgets of the impulse buy/infomercial variety. Case in point: I had to pull him away from the "Baggler". :)
You may now commence selling him random household goodies.
Love, Adam's Fiancee

Anonymous said...

The Baggler is awesome! You should totally get one dude. I have 5 including the Baggler2000.

Karen said...

I love the picture of Ted. . . such a good likeness :)

beth said...

hmm, i'm interested now as to what a baggler even is- sounds slightly dangerous