Monday, August 4, 2008


This weekend was an amazing weekend that reminded me why I love "Livin' Out West!" It was busy (so forgive the length of the post), but it was so relaxing and free. So, here's the update.

Dani and I got out of work as early as we could, and booked it to the Doheny State Beach (pictured) in Dana Point for a quick surf session. The waves were great, the water was 70 degrees, and it was just nice to be out in the ocean with my fiance. So we played in the waves for a bit, then had to bail to go get ready for dinner. We had D46 with Fuel on Friday night, where we all sign up and get placed into groups of six and have dinner at different restaurants. We were placed in a group at Buca di Beppo. It was good company and a delicous meal served family style. Then we met up with all the other tables at The District for desert.
I got up bright and early for another surf session, I'm beginning to see why this sport is addicting. It was my friend Mike's birthday, and he's just getting into surfing as well. Dani was having breakfast with friends, so Mike, Kara, and I rode bikes from my house down to San Onofre State Beach. I towed 3 surfboards behind my bike, it was a good workout, and definetely good traithlon training. It felt so good to hit the water after the ride. And once we paddled through the waves the sun came out and it was so beautiful and peaceful out there. Just kinda makes everything else fade away and you're just alone with yourself and God. Even if there is some overweight hairy surfer floating by you, there's still just something freeing about being out there.
We had to keep it short however, because it was on to the next adventure for me. Dani and I decided to cash in her birthday present for me, whale watching gift certificates! We had heard that the blue whales (100 ft/100 tons) were here feeding right now, and stood a good chance of seeing them, but no luck on the whales. We did however see a TON of dolphin. They were so much fun, swimming and jumping all around the boat. Once again, being out on the water was very freeing from the cares and concerns of the world, and all that mattered was enjoying the beauty of the ocean with my fiance.

Here's some video I took of the dolphins jumping just in front of the catamaran, the video doesn't do it justice, but it gives you an idea.

Saturday night, Dani and I checked out the Saturday night service at Mariner's. It was cool! A much smaller crowd, but still a great service. Then we went home and watched Batman Begins, I had never seen it, and loved it, so now I'm ready for Dark Night!


We got up early again and went up to Newport to kayak in the back bay with Dani's Maid of Honor, Donna. It was very peaceful and quiet in the back bay. And fish were jumping all over the place! We'll definetely have to go back there with a rod.

Dani had plans with friends the rest of the day, and I spent the rest of the afternoon around the house, it was nice to get some stuff done, but it was nicer to lay in the new hammock, under the sun shade, in the 70 degree breeze, drink a Heineken, read a book, and love life. I didn't plan on going down to the beach, as I already felt like the weekend was too good to be true, but I got online to check the conditions anyway. When I saw the water was 74 degrees, I couldn't resist running down for a swim. I planned on just dipping in for about 20 minutes, but conditions were so perfect, I couldn't bring myself to get out and stayed in the water for 2 hours! The waves were just the right size, for the best body surfing I've ever experienced! I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it was yet another wonderfully freeing experience.

Then to top it all off, we had a core leadership team meeting at our pastor's house. And what did Justin want to talk about all night? Freedom. What makes you feel free, and what freedom are you fighting for? It was an appropriate and fitting end to an amazing weekend.


dc said...

i love these ocean-filled weekends.

think we could have a pet dolphin?

Adam said...

Sorry, no, remember?!? She said those kind don't like to live in captivity, they HAVE to live free or they'll develop an ulcer and die! Thanks for yet another great analogy on freedom though!!

Karen said...

Okay, once again. . . I'm completely jealous!!! What an awesome weekend!! It was 107 degrees here in Texas :(