Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Sorry for the delay, I know you've been waiting for the update. It was yet another completely fun filled weekend, so let's get to it.


The weekend started early as we had a half day on Friday because DealerSocket, the company I work for (also the best company in the world, really, we won an award naming us that), had our 3rd annual Beach Luau. So we went down to the beach, Dani came with, got to meet all the work peeps. We hung out, grilled, played some football. Good times. Then Dani and I took off as we had a double date with Phirsten (our couple name for Phil and Kirsten). We went to the spectrum to see Dark Knight, finally. It was a great movie. Lots of fun superhero action, but also lots of plot, thinking, crime drama kinda stuff, to keep you interested.


We got up early for the FUEL Grow Hike. We went out to Whiting Ranch wilderness for a 'moderate' hike. Of course it was claimed to be moderate by Mike Landa, my buddy that runs 100 mile ultra marathons. So it was a decent hike. We read some verses together, prayed, and talked about finding time alone with God. It was cool to get out and hike with some friends.
After being good and athletic for a while we thought we go to The Hat for lunch for some good ol' pastrami dip sandwhiches and a bag full of french fries. Delicious.
Then Dani and I got to spend some time relaxing at my place and nap in the hammock under the sun shade, storing up some energy for our next activity. Last week Dani asked if I could teach her how to play basketball!! That's right she, just out of the blue asked me to take her to play basketball. (Guys, in case you're getting any ideas, you might want to click this.) So I was super excited to, so we scouted out a vacant basketball court in Dana Point. I thought that we could just have some fun playing around, maybe give her a few pointers. But as often happens with Dani, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was a super quick study, and picked up skills like a champ, and even better, wants to play again!
The evening was spent grilling at our friend Scott's house. Lots of food, fun, and friends. We grilled, ate, drank, swam, jacuzzied, smoked cigars. Good times. One disappointment however, I bought a Heineken mini-keg to share. But it sucked! Has anyone used one of these before? All it did was spew out foamy beer. OK, two disappointments. At the end of the night we discovered that Scott had one of those little Fischer Price picnic tables. I thought it'd be fun to try and sit in it. It wasn't that fun, for me, for everyone, lots of fun. I was stuck, but did anyone try and help me out? No. They all stood around laughing pointing and saying, "NO don't move, I'll go get my camera!"


Dani and I finally went kayaking in Newport Harbor! We've been wanting to do that for a while now. And it was all we hoped for. The harbor is even bigger than we thought, once you're in the water. We paddled for over 3 hours and about 7 miles, and still didn't even see half of it. My favorite part though was the fish! There were fish (Yellowfin Croaker, I think) LEAPING out of the water, sometimes as high as 3-4 feet! And they were everywhere, so I'm definetely bringing my pole next time.

We saw these huge seals jumping up on the boats that were moored in the middle of the harbor, and they would play king of the mountain pushing each other off the boat and barking when victorious.

(One for the One Armed Album!)


Karen said...

What, no pictures of you stuck in the picnic table? Come on. . . you've gotta give us that much. :)

The seals are awesome, I didn't know that seals that big, would be that close to the harbor!

Adam said...

I think the're sea lions actually.

Adam said...

I think the're sea lions actually.