Sunday, January 13, 2008

Awesome 80's!

We had an 80's theme night at Fuel last week, and I decided to use my facial hair to my advantage and go for Magnum PI.

That's my fellow belong core leader, Liz who's rocking the AC/DC shirt and the totally awesome side ponytail. I'm not sure how we ever thought the mustache or the side ponytail were ever cool.

Here's Kenny throwin back to the old school hip hop look. I could see how maybe we thought this was cool.


Ashley N said...

Haha...that mustache is out of control.

Are you "reaching" in that first picture like your sign says?

karen b said...

kenny looks like kevin federline--yikes!

Jason Rasmussen said...

Wow that photo is creepy. Maybe you should it get tattooed on each arm. One arm would belong and the other would reach.