Monday, January 28, 2008

Food Diary - Friday

Breakfast - Work Coffee and a Berry Horn
Lunch - Went home and made a sandwich with honey ham, bacon, mayo/mustard, lettuce, pepperjack, and lots of bleu cheese. With a Diet Coke to drink (ran out of DP).
Afternoon Snack - A bunch of white grapes, and more cajun trail mix.
Dinner - Ling and Louie's at the Spectrum, I had some Tempura rolls for an appetizer, and the Filet Mignon with Black Mushrooms (with extra black mushrooms) and Iced Tea to drink.
After Dinner Snack - Thai Iced Tea with Boba, surprisingly delicious!


*DC* said...


It's ok. I'm good at sharing. Just thought I'd point that out. :)

Holli said...

yes! So glad you like the Thai Iced Tea, it's my favorite addiction!