Monday, January 14, 2008

Camping a la Julian

Last weekend we went family-style camping with some friends in the mountains of San Diego by the little town of Julian.
We thought we were going to get some awesome goodness from Pita Pit on the way down, but it was closed for a month!

So we had to go grocery shopping instead...

Then we came down with an acute case of Jaundis.Holli, Huy, and Dani were pretty stoked about it.

That's me and my mustache on a really dead branch.

Here's another one for the one armed photo album...

Check out what I found on the summit in that picture.

"We can see our crib/trailer from here!"

I whitled me a cigar.



*DC* said...

The man picture is my favorite. You know what would be even better though?

If it said "Stache" :)

Karen said...

It's been a while since I visited your blog, so I was quite surprised by the "stache"! But, then the Fuel Awesome 80's pictures offered an explaination!! Did you win the prize for "Best Use of Facial Hair"? :)

Karen said...

oops! I just realized I misspelled explanation in my previous post. Just didn't want you think I'm a dummy. :)