Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Food Diary - Wednesday

Breakfast - Homebrewed coffee, yogurt, and a bannana.
Lunch - McDonald's double cheeseburger, a snack wrap, fries, and a Dr Pepper.
Dinner - Half Price Sushi at Mosun's in Laguna! Here's what I ate:
- 2 Yellowfin Tuna Sushi
- 1 Halibut Sashimi Order
- 1/4 of a Firecracker Roll
- 1.5 Smoked Salmon Sushi
- 4 Albacore Sushi
- 2 pieces of Spicy Crunchy Roll
- A Sashimi Platter with 2 Yellowtail orders 2 Yellowfin Tuna orders
- Small Sake


Ashley N said...

I didn't know you liked sushi! Carrie and I eat it like once a week. But good grief, good thing that was half price sushi...its too expensive to go with you ;)

*DC* said...

You're not doing so good at the whole
"packing a lunch" thing hon. :) Maybe we need to take another trip to Trader Joes?

Thanks for the Sushi date! I had fun with you and my wussy rolls. :)

Karen said...

You have branched out on your food choices, I'm proud of you. But, I'm thinking maybe you should try some healthier food choices from time to time. You know like the 5 fruits and vegetables recommended by the FDA. After all, you do live in So Cal where fruits and veggies are fresh and plentiful!! Love you!

huy do said...

glad to hear that dr. pepper is in your rotation; good choice. i'm over this whole "healthy" move that everyone is trying to pull. so what if i like Tommy's chili cheese burgers, chili cheese fries, a bowl of jalapenos, and 2 dr. what.