Monday, January 21, 2008

Food Diary - Monday

Friends and strangers alike are often impressed by what I can eat. By that I mean they are impressed by the actual thing that I am eating as well as the sheer volume of food that I can consume in one sitting. So, Huy thought it would be interesting to see what I ate everyday. So here is my Food Diary for this week ...

Breakfast - 7-11 Blueberry Coffee w/ 10 creamers, and a "SUPREME Sausage Bite" for only 40 cents more.
Lunch - A six-inch melt from Subway. (This is a SUPER light lunch for me)
Dinner - 90% of a large bag of Sizzlin' Picante Doritos and 2 beers.


Ashley N said...

really doritos and beer? and you're how skinny? I don't like you.

*DC* said...

How were the sizzlin' picante Doritos? Do I get the last 10%? :)