Thursday, July 10, 2008

Click This!

Here's some things I found interesting or wasted some time....

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's plan to deal with rising food prices, clean your plate.

Rescue Football - Fun and Life-saving!

If you haven't checked out Google Street View , you should. Here's someone who tried to show off for the camera.

Apparently, your writing muscles are big calorie burners.

Big Brother's actually lookin out for us, trying to keep ISPs from spying on us.

I've heard of Flying Fish, but this is getting ridiculous.

How fast can you type? This is fun. I netted 62 wpm with 98% accuracy.

WARNING! This game is extremely addicting, and mind numbing.

The latest X-Game - Volcano Surfing


dc said...

My thoughts while reading (clicking) this:
1. Surfers are crazy
2. If cleaning your plate helps high food prices and relieve world hunger, you deserve a Nobel Prize.
3. I'm not as fast of a typist (typer? typee?) as you.
4. Three days of blogging in a row? I can't believe it!

Karen said...

Ditto what dc said. I agree with her. I love the blogging! :)