Monday, July 28, 2008



Friday night, Dani and I got to take some more engagement pictures. Just our style too, it wasn't all posed and staged in a studio. It was just us on the beach playing around and having fun, we were lucky enough to have our friend Rick take the pics, and Maid of Honor, Donna to hold all of our stuff. Will definetely post pics asap. Then we took Rick out to Sonny's Pizza and Pasta for his inaugural Sonny's experience, and we were all more than satisfied with our post-pic session meals.


Dani and I joined a few close friends and about 15 thousand of our fellow OCers at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. It was a beautiful day with warm water and pretty nice waves, a great day to sit on the beach in my new Costco Beach Chair and watch surfing and hoopla.


5:30am Sunday, Dani, Seth, Mike, and I drove up to Big Bear Lake for the California Multisport Triathlon. It was a 6 mile trail run, 15 mile mountain bike ride, and a 5 mile lake paddle. We decided to go relay style instead of solo, and were able to come in with an overall time of 4:36:20. It was alot of fun, and a beautiful day up in the mountains (which made Dani and really want to go camping). Here's some pics that our wonderful support staff snapped:

We all resolved to get serious about training and go it solo next year!


dc said...

Triathalon training starts.... NOW. :)

I loved being the Cheering Squad/Support Team! Yay athletic fellas!

Ashley N said...

Very impressed with the triathalon! Did you cross the finish line in sandals? And I can't wait to see the engagement pictures :)

Adam said...

Yes, those are sandals, it was the CALIFORNIA multisport triathlon.

Karen said...

Awesome Triathlon pictures!
Can't wait to see the engagement pics!

Ashley N said...

Mom's copying my comments.