Monday, July 14, 2008



We went over to the Do's (Holli and Huy) to hang out and have a meal. Huy prepared (warmed up) a delicious Costco TriTip, and some other delicious sides. We ate out on the lawn in the back on blankets, i noticed the ground was quite moist, but nobody else was saying anything so I just went with it. When I got up I realized the entire butt of my shorts was soaked. I asked if nobody else felt wet, apparently I was just sitting in a puddle. After dinner we discovered Christina's and my new favorite game.... SINGING BEE with Joey Fatone. Its exactly what you would expect super cheesy and super fun. Can't wait to have another shot at the "most coveted trophy in the world".


Dani and I went to the Beach with her mom, just a pretty relaxing day. Then we went to Sabatino's Sausage Company in Newport for Dinner with Dani's parents and extended family. It was another delicious meal, I had the salmon and half of Dani's GIANT sausage stuffed pepper. They make their own sausage there and it is amazing. It was good food and good times, everyone was glad to welcome me to their family, and all the antics that come with them.

I spent most of the day training for the triathlon I have coming up in TWO WEEKS! I kayaked, biked, and ran. Dani and I had our Relationship class which was all about Money and Finances. And it got me excited about I mean saving. Then we ate at Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa, great little hole in the wall, delicious. You Orange Countians should try it! Thanks for the tip Phirsten.
All in all, a pretty chill weekend for us.

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dc said...

Q: If you save $1 by the time you're 30, how much will you have when you're 50?
A: Enough for a taco at Taco Mesa. Mmmmm.... Tacos...