Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Update


Friends and coworkers alike are often surpised by the things I do on the weekends. I'm not sure exactly why, I mean, I am busy and do a lot, but I'm just having fun. So I think I'll try and do a weekend update blog to give a report of the goings on of the weekend for me.

This weekend was a great one, 4 days long! Dani had Monday off, so I took it off too. I did have to work saturday and sunday mornings for a few hours, but you don't mind it as much when you have a 4 day weekend.
Dani and I drove down to Phil's parents house in San Diego (Ramona to be exact). We played a fun game called In a Pickle, which was surprisingly alot of fun. I recomend it. You've got to have good persuasive skills to win this one.
We drove in to Julian to spend the day there, but when we arrived we were surprised to find that the town was closed! More or less. They had all the streets into town blocked off, b/c the local Independance day parade was there. Most of the town was closed due to the parade so we had no choice but to partake, but it was pretty entertaining seeing the fake fights and shootouts and the football team riding in the back of a dumptruck.


Worked in the morning, then Dani and I spent some time at the beach, crowded as it was, it was still nice. Then we went out with Scamy, our affectionate couple name for Scott and Amy. Scott took us to my new favorite restaurant, called The Hat. They put pastrami on everything.... and lots of it. So, good, can't wait to go back. Thank you Scott. Then we saw Get Smart. It was really funny, and not a bad movie, plot and acting wise. Two thumbs up.


Dani's parent's came to town, for the next two weeks, while Dennis takes a class at Biola. We spend midday with them, showing them the wedding site and such. Nice to see them, they bought us lunch and called it our second engagment party.

I went for a long run with Mike to train for the Triathlon I have coming up in LESS THAN A MONTH!

After our Preparing for Marraige class, Dani and I went to church at Rock Harbor at the Shark Club, and loved every minute of it. They just started a new series on the sermon on the mount, should be interesting.


Monday, was amazing. was closed on Monday as well, so Dani had the day off. So I took the day off so that we could have a whole day to relax. It was great, we just went down to San Onofre State Beach, hoping that hitting it on a Monday would cut down on the crowds. It was great, lots of surfers, but the beaches were pretty clear. The water was a few degrees warmer because of the power plant. We finally got to take out the surfboard. I got in some good paddling practice at least. Dani seems like she'll be a natural surfer. It was an amazing day just to sit, play, and enjoy what God created.


dc said...

Yeah 4-day weekend!!! :) Yeah blog! Yeah surfing! Yeah America!

Ashley N said...

oo oo! I really like the weekend update and just that you are blogging at all :)