Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In my small group we've been going through and studying the book of Acts. We're almost done now, only a few chapters left. Its been a great study. I always thought of Acts as just the story of what happened after the resurection, and the beginning of the church, but I've been amazed week after week at what God shows us through chapter after chapter. Something different and very relevant to our lives every week.

Here's what I learned this week, going through Acts 22:22 - 23:35.

God is at work in our lives, and Jesus is at work in His Church. I think it is very easy to fall into "I" thinking. Look what I did. I am so good. I am so proud of myself. Look how far I've come. The letter from the centurion Claudius Lysias in chapter 23 shows us how it is human nature to make yourself look good, tell how great you are, and what a great job you did.

But we need to remember that we are not doing or causing the good things in our life. We screw things up, depravity is our nature, but God is working in our lives to make us better and to draw us back to Him.

I have to remember to humble myself and give God the praise for the people and things in my life. My family, friends, and fiance are all from God actively working in my life and the life I lead is actually not lead by me at all. Instead of leading my life, I just need to follow Jesus.


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You're so right. Wise words.